Minggu, 24 April 2011

IN MEMORIAM : Franky Sahilatua

Musicians Franky Sahilatua, 57, passed away on Wednesday (20 / 4), at 15:15 on Medika Hospital, Permata Hijau, Jakarta. Franky in the hospital since April 16 due to cancer suffered spinal cord.
Speech grief to flow directly Franky on microblogging site Twitter.”Franky Sahilatua have left us. Sad. May the paper boats that take you to the last resting in peace, man!” said Ulil Abshar Abdalla, an activist of the Liberal Islam Network via his Twitter account @ ulil.

Singer and songwriter Joey Ayala also lost. “Also mourned the death of the great artists Indonesia Franky Sahilatua at 15.15 pm, the Media Permata Hijau Hospital,” wrote @ melly_goeslaw.
Democratic Party Chairman Anas Urbaningrum wrote, “Tuips, let’s send a prayer for the late Frank Sahilatua. Critical and committed artists who have committed.” The members of Project Pop, Tika Pangabean, in his Twitter account @ TikaPangabean said, “Goodbye pal Franky Sahilatua, RIP …”
Franky was born in Surabaya, August 16, 1953. Some works such as Frank ‘The Suburbs’ (1997), ‘Man and Moon’ (1993), and ‘City Bus’ (1991). Since diagnosed with cancer, Franky Sahilatua undergo some treatment. August 2010, Franky treated at Singapore General Hospital. During the 7 months in the hospital, he routinely undergo chemotherapy once a week.

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